Dark circles are a common problem, and there are multiple causes for this condition. Addressing this problem effectively requires a good understanding of the root causes of the dark circles. You need to understand the unique properties of the skin, the active ingredients within skin creams and the underlying issues. After examining your situation carefully, you will be in a good position to make an informed decision about how to eliminate these circles.


Unique Characteristics of Skin Around the Eyes

According to Patricia Farris, MD, eye creams “are formulated specifically for the delicate skin around the eye.” This patch of skin tends to be more tender than the tissue found in other regions of the face. When interstitial fluid collects in this area, dark circles, wrinkles and swelling often appear. Several issues may be contributing to the appearance of dark circles, and having this knowledge can make it easier to choose an eye cream that contains relevant ingredients.




How Do Eye Creams Work?

An eye cream for dark circles typically contains several active ingredients, which are employed to tackle the common problems found in this area. Ingredients like vitamin C and vitamin E contribute to the ability of the cream to affect these vessels. Vitamin C contributes skin-thickening properties to this area, which can reduce or hide the dark circles. Vitamin B3 promotes collagen growth, which is a key to reducing wrinkles, dark circles and swelling.


Inflammation is another cause for dark circles. The swelling caused by an inflammatory reaction often calls for ingredients that promote systemic relaxation. Excessive exposure to the sun can contribute to this condition, and the common effects of aging also have an effect on this area. If swelling is present, you can use an eye cream for dark circles to constrict the delicate blood vessels around the eyes.


Tips for Using Eye Cream

Understanding the underlying problem and selecting an appropriate product is the best method for effectively using any eye cream. For example, if the problem is closely related to skin irritation, look for eye creams that contain chamomile, beeswax, oils, aloe vera or rose oil. Some of these ingredients contain properties that relax the body by calming the central nervous system, and others are effective because of their local effects on the targeted skin tissue.


In addition to selecting a cream that contains the appropriate ingredients, it is also important to avoid ingredients that could exacerbate your particular problem. Irritation is a common problem for people who are dealing with issues that affect the fragile skin tissue around the eyes. Allergies often contribute to the problem, so it might be appropriate to take an antihistamine in addition to using a skin cream.


Using Common Sense

Use a healthy dose of common sense in combination with your preferred skin cream. Any effective course of treatment will accurately address the underlying problem. One solution may work perfectly if only dilated blood vessels are causing the dark circles, for example. However, in many cases, there are multiple causes for these circles, so consider combining several solutions at the same time. Sometimes you may just need to get some sleep, for example. In this case, combining sleep with an appropriate skin cream would be the most sensible course of action.


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