You’ve heard it called lasik, but in reality that term is a short abbreviation for Laser- assisted, plus two other words we can’t pronounce or spell; which is why lasik is used. Lasik surgery is no longer the “new” kid on the block; it’s been around and perfected for decades. So maybe you’re thinking: “Why is it so popular?” There are several reasons why you or anyone can benefit from this type of eye surgery. If you’re tired of fretting over the inability to read freeway signs day or night and still musing over the contacts you lost on a sandy beach in San Diego, that should be reason enough. And how about those glasses that keep dropping down your nose, fogging up in the winter with the heater on, or generally just annoying.

If you’re nearsighted or farsighted you’ll benefit from lasik surgery, and your initial start would be contacting a local eye doctor in town who does this procedure for a living, has tons of experience, as well as a good reputation. There’s probably a lasik surgery clinic nearby where you can have a quick eye exam, ask questions, find out if your eyes are really healthy enough for this type of lasik procedure, plus discuss what kind of vision improvement you may be expecting.

Lasik side effects are virtually nil except you may have a slight discomfort feeling; ergo, your eye surgeon will prescribe medication for postoperative pain. If you want to narrow lasik side effects down to a comparison, it’s much like having a tooth fall out when you were 10 years old. At the lasik surgery clinic, you walk in, have the surgery, and in less than five or six minutes, walk out. But you won’t be driving, so be sure to make arrangements to be picked up. You also won’t have both eyes done at the same time.

For your information, this being an elective surgery, it usually is not covered by any insurance. Lasik eye surgery cost will vary depending on the surgeon, but the average is $2,100 per eye, down a bit from 2009. However, be sure to eschew any advertised offers that promise to do the lasik procedure for $499 per eye – yikes!

Epilasik is another option to consider. Epilasik is a refractive technique designed to reduce any dependency on wearing contacts or glasses, and has quick vision recovery.

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Watch the whole process of this Lasik Eye Surgery in this video.